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My role in this process is to support our EVES Bethlehem salespeople in the marketing and sale of your property. Real Estate is a way of life for me – I have spent over half my life in the industry and I have worked in most aspects of the real estate process as well. As a salesperson in 1986 I was in the top 5% in the country in my first year of selling and then in a few short years I was head hunted by a real estate company to by a national trainer. The importance of training our salespeople was not lost on me and particularly now more than ever, their knowledge and experience is what allows them to make recommendations to you and to keep the process as smooth as possible whilst still achieving the very best result.

I have been in management since 1991 and then in 2006 I went back into a sales role so that I was fully conversant with the market, the conditions and the implications that the new governing body Real Estate Agents Authority were imposing on our industry. A few years later I took up the role of Realty Group (EVES and Bayleys) Group Sales and Marketing Manager, a role I held for 7 years. Then in 2017 I decided to make a change and work with salespeople again and became the group training manager, a role that saw me not only doing group training but also mentoring our High Performance Group. Whilst I loved the challenge, my heart has always been with our salespeople, assisting them to be the best and to ensuring that they work the processes well for our sellers.

So when in June of 2018 the position of Branch Manager, EVES Bethlehem became available, I put my hand up and here I am. This is a team of amazing salespeople. They have performed at the top of their game and they are well trained and well supported with systems and expertise. My marketing background and my strong sense of “doing the right thing” stands me in good stead to work with this high performing team to achieve the absolute best results for our sellers.

I am still very much a part of the negotiation team, who work every Thursday in the auction room, bringing buyers and sellers together. I am still just as passionate about this industry and in particular this company after over thirty years in the business.



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