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David Pua - ‘Making the ‘Complex Simple and the ‘Difficult Achievable’

Trust is the first thing a seller needs to have in their sales consultant. With the extensive business, real estate management and sales experience that David brings to the table you can be sure you are working a professional and someone who knows what they are doing. David’s approach is warm and friendly, but he also gets the job done and achieves great results for his clients.

You need good advice

There are reasons why you should choose a qualified and professional sales consultant. Underselling your home through inaccurate pricing, poorly invested marketing money and the wrong selling strategies are an unfortunate reality for some sellers. When the pricing method is inaccurate and the method of selling is not effective, sellers can quickly become disillusioned with the selling process and sit on the market for too long.

Houses that having been sitting on the market for a long period, with buyers passing them by, are normally the result of a poor strategy and potentially poor advice. Too often in realestate the ‘hard to hear news’ isn’t given and the sellers aren’t informed enough to make the best decisions for their goals. Too often the result is a lower than expected sell price.

Choose a professional

David offers his new and existing clients very clear and concise solutions and strategies to these issues and risks. When you work with David, you will be informed every step of the way. From documented evidence about how the appraisal was constructed, through to how to reach the most buyers and get the most accurate and honest feedback. With the information David provides you will be equipped with the ability to make the best decisions for you and the sale of your home.

David is a standout sales consultant, his open and warm approach is complimented by his ability to help his clients understand the sales process and make the best decisions…even the hard ones. If you are thinking of selling now or you are just gathering information on the value of your home, then you should contact David today on 027 283 6059 or david.pua@eves.co.nz



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