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Careers at EVES

Building your Future

At EVES we believe in our people. We believe that in such a competitive and expertise driven industry, doing everything we can to prepare, protect and foster healthy professional environments has been one of the pillars to our ongoing success as market leaders.

One of our core beliefs is “Happy, successful people, stay.” And our people do. That’s not to say that the work is not hard, because it is. It’s not to say that our expectations about work and ethics aren’t high, because they are. It’s simply to say that when you work with EVES, you will find more than what may be seen from the outside looking in.

At EVES we have a vast menu of proven support programs that are designed to help you to achieve your goals as a business person. In fact these programs are so successful that others have attempted to copy them.

Financial Support

Graduate Programs:
EVES provide specialised internships for University graduates that give them a thorough ground up on the job experience of our business.

Advance Program:
This is a 12 month program designed to support the new salesperson to develop their fledgling business. It consists of four parts; financial assistance, marketing assistance, office induction and a very successful roll out plan and mentoring support.

Business Mentor Programs

At EVES we believe in doing more than just providing a “stone skipping across the surface” approach to your career and your future. You deserve more than that and so to do your families.

EVES provides an array of business development programs that have a proven track record for enabling participants to create and build successful and sustainable personal businesses. 

These programs cover every level of a salespersons and managers career and business, from entry level all the way up to high performance, and is one of the very reasons why so many people join us from other companies.

In fact these programs are so successful that we won’t list or detail them here.


Testimonials from new salespeople...

  • What I got from the SP licensee course are the ‘framings’. What I learnt from today’s training allows me to put everything together to make it like a ‘house’
  • Fantastic content – easy to understand. I like the way in which basic concepts are continuously added to (building blocks)
  • Phenomenal. I have already used and applied some of the psychological analysis in my own environment and in front of potential vendors
  • These three days have taught me so much more than I ever expected to learn, it has made me more confident in my knowledge and opened my eyes to targeting presentations to be across all the personality types
  • I just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of days and am looking forward to tomorrow!  It has been really excellent and I am amazed at how much I am learning!  I have a degree specializing in psychology, yet the last couple of days have probably taught me more than I learnt in my 3 years at University!!!! 
  • Excellent delivery, loud and clearly explained well and I got a very good understanding of the course
  • David captured everyone’s attention.  

Testimonials from experienced salespeople...

  • Even as an experienced agent I felt the course most beneficial in fact at times, I felt as if I knew nothing.  I believe the quality of the newbies is increasing and us older agents must keen up or fall off! 
  • Without it, I don’t think my business would survive the onslaught of newbies
  • 100% attitude change for me after understanding the process and the scripts; methodical and clear
  • David is a great speaker – clear and concise in a manner which is easily understood
  • We are lucky to have a facilitator of David’s skill, experience and passion
  • David is contagious- enthusiasm and the interactive nature of the course was useful for me

Would you recommend the programs to others?

  • Enlightening. Without these programs it would take years to understand the “real” in real estate.
  • I see this as a critical part of any real estate business, new or old.
  • Without it their businesses are doomed if they come up against someone with this knowledge they will fail every time.
  • Without hesitation…but the selfish part of me would not want to educate too many others because these dudes (tutors) are too damn good!!
  • YES because it really was excellent!
  • NO - I don’t want others to know what we know! haha
  • Yes. Even top earners need tweaking.
  • You would be stupid not to take the opportunity to invest time in it.
  • All the stuff that you need to know that other agents a) wont, b) don’t know/ A great start to the real estate industry.
  • Yes. Relevant to all facets of life and business. 
  • I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about having a six figure income.
  • Everything was presented in a methodical manner which was clear and easy to understand. I have learnt LOADS!
  • Very helpful in providing direction on how best to communicate with clients and customers, define goals and grow business.
  • It is like six years of learning on the job, every agent should do this course if they are serious about being successful
  • Yes, because often you don’t know where to start. It gives you confidence to go forward. 
  • This sort of information is often unavailable and what can take a short amount of time to implement, would take much longer by trial and error.  
  • Hiring my PA was stressful. The course is great for putting you in the right direction. 


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