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The Beat Goes On

Posted: April 27th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

Once again the March REINZ report has shown that we live in a popular region. The volume of sales completed in March were up 19.9% in February to just over 300. In addition to this we witnessed a 3.5% increase in the median sale price to $650,000.


Following what was a post election slow down and a wetter than usual spring in 2017 we have seen a more positive market trend over the first three months of this year which continues into April. Our EVES salespeople are experiencing good numbers at open homes, a gradual return of the first home buyer and good activity on most property.


What does this mean to you when looking to sell?


Demand still remains however, some homes are taking longer to sell and we are negotiating more conditional contracts. Being prepared before going to market is essential and some ‘old school’ pre sale house preparation and knowledge will make your home more saleable.    


The best advice when preparing to go to the market is to talk to one of our EVES salespeople so you understand how to make you home stand out in the market and attract the very best buyers.   


EVES, excellent people, excellent marketing, excellent results.

Mixed Messages

Posted: April 20th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

It’s interesting to note the range of opinions about what’s happening in the property market. This can make it quite confusing when it comes time to sell and certainly the most common question we get asked is “is this a good time to sell?”


Typically boom markets are when there are more willing buyers than property for sale. A recessionary market is commonly denoted by the opposite conditions.


Right now I would call our current market conditions ‘normal’.  Interest rates are low. The supply of property to the market is easing but still tight in some segments and buyer enquiry from both the local market and Auckland remains robust.


The key for sellers is to hire someone who understands the market and can provide useful and timely advice. Where are buyers coming from for property like yours? How many sales have there been in your price range and therefore how many buyers could there be in the market for your type of property right now? What is the best way to promote and showcase your property? How can we maximise the value of your property?


These are some of the many questions that EVES people can answer for you and coach you through the selling process.


EVES. Excellent people, excellent marketing, excellent results.

The Power of Auction

Posted: April 13th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

When looking for a transparent method of sale, prudent property owners are opting for the auction option to realise the true market value of their home.


Whilst past sales statistics provide guidance on an estimated value there is nothing more reassuring than when two buyers are prepared to fight it out head to head in the EVES auction room to determine who wants the property the most and vendors can rest easy knowing they have achieved the best the market will pay.


From a buyers perspective, there is comfort in the ability to see what another buyer is prepared to pay in an open transparent forum and make a decision on whether to pursue the property further or walk away unlike in a concealed multiple offer situation where all offers are presented simultaneously.


In our latest reporting period EVES conducted 184 auctions of which 76% were sold. 5% were sold prior to auction day, a further 41% sold at auction and 30% sold in the post auction marketing period.


To capitalise on EVES auction action and get you property sold in an expedient manner call any one of our EVES offices today.

Going Global

Posted: April 6th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

Recently we read in the Bay of Plenty Times the story of our Mayor Greg Brownless and a delegation of 24 local business, sporting and student leaders heading to Tauranga’s sister city Yantai, China. Their mission is to promote Tauranga exporters and the region as a destination for rugby players, students and scientists to develop their skills.


When you couple these international growth opportunities with exciting local property developments, the resurgence of ‘outside interest’ in our market and a growing local economy, it makes the next financial year look very strong for Tauranga.


The other change we’ve seen in our property market recently is the strong return of First Home Buyers. Good news is we have been able to match these buyers with more homes coming to the market. This has created the perfect environment for us to repeat our EVES First Home Buyers Seminars.


If you’re looking to sell a property that’s perfect for the first home buyers’ market, talk to your favourite EVES agent today.


EVES - excellent people, excellent marketing, excellent results.

Easter Treats

Posted: March 30th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

Easter is always a busy time in our region and we welcome all visitors to the Bay. Those arriving (and those of us staying) will be immersed in the 2018 Jazz Festival.  For 41 years the National Youth Jazz Competition has showcased the very best of emerging jazz players. Over three days Combos and Big Bands from New Zealand Secondary Schools strut their stuff for trophies and awards. The careers of past winners Nathan Haines, Hollie Smith and Sacha Vee were arguably launched here. 


Along with the variety of ticketed concerts at Baycourt Theatre there is the Downtown Carnival and other associated events that can be found at www.jazz.org.nz. Also the Artisan Fair, the world famous Easter Rotary Booksale and great cafes to choose from after a walk up or round the mighty Mauao all adding to the vibrancy of our city.


Our EVES salespeople will be working hard over Easter with a full list of open homes so if you are visiting and would like to live in this gorgeous place we call home or if you live here and need to expand to accommodate the visitors then be sure to get in touch with one of our EVES salespeople.


EVES - excellent people, excellent marketing, excellent results.

Demand and Confidence Still Strong

Posted: March 23rd, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

February data released by Realestate.co.nz showed a slight decrease in the number of new listings in the Bay which has clearly contributed to fuelling buyer demand during March. Supported by growing consumer confidence (as reported on stuff.co.nz) and continued lower interest rates, this trend appears to be the new norm for a while yet.


That means for sellers who want to achieve the very best price and terms for the sale of their property, the selection of the very best ‘manager’ of the process becomes absolutely critical. Defining ‘who’ the buyer will be, ‘where’ they may come from, ‘how’ they shop and how to bring them to your front door are some of the most important elements that you must consider.


That ‘manager’ must also be able to expertly guide buyers though the logistical, financial and emotional obstacles that they will go though, so that they are in a position to make you an offer you can’t refuse.  


This is what we do best. Understanding your situation, making recommendations that will best serve your needs and managing all of the sometimes difficult and complex processes that result in the best outcome for you.


Let us help you to achieve the things that are important to you. Call any of our EVES salespeople today.

Auction Action Attracts Great Results

Posted: March 16th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

There’s been plenty of noise lately around the declining success of auctions. Our results under the hammer are telling quite a different story. It’s been great to see the auction process still creating happiness for both buyers and sellers.


In reality, over the last year our EVES sales people have sold over 70% of the properties that have gone to auction at varying stages of the campaign. These results illustrate the superb work of our EVES salespeople.


The common objections around this method of sale tend to come from a lack of understanding of the auction process.


The most common is an expectation that auction day will be sale day. In fact auctions are a three part process and auction day is merely the day when cash buyers have an opportunity to buy. If we don’t sell on auction day, we can still bring all those cash buyers and conditional buyers back to the table and see a successful result.


For more of the best auction advice contact your favourite EVES agent about our three part selling at auction video seminars and our team can guide you through how the auction process can help you get your property sold.

The Change of Seasons

Posted: March 9th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

It’s hard to believe that summer officially drew to a close last week. Let’s hope the warm weather carries on for a little longer.


Like our weather, our property market remains a favourite topic for our local community. And rightly so!


One of the things we love about real estate is that every day is different. Daily changes mean that over a month we can see significant shifts in what’s happening in the Bay of Plenty real estate market. This month we’ve seen a shift back to increased interest from Auckland* and a significant lift in listing activity compared to January.


With this ever changing market and with more homes for sale it means finding the right buyer requires up to date knowledge and plenty of skill. To get the best possible outcome for your sale or purchase, it’s important that you choose an agent who can give you the very latest and best advice.


If you want the good advice from a team that is focused on the best outcome for you, then give our EVES team a call today.


EVES, more people selling more property.


*Latest search stats from Real Estate.co.nz

If Ever There Was a Time, It’s Now!

Posted: March 2nd, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

When I look at the economic growth of our region I am heartened by what I see. The region and our city continues to go from strength to strength which can only be good for all of us as ‘our place’ continues to attract more people and investment which produces more and more opportunities for individual abundance and shared success.


The Bay of Plenty - is quite literally one of the very best places in the country to live - in terms of quality of life; work - in terms of opportunity; play - in terms of community, entertainment and sport, and to bring up a family in terms of education, safety and a positive future.


With changing needs and growing confidence comes the desire for a change in where we live. Our research supports the fact that if there was ever a time to sell well, it’s now. Many price ranges and several property types indicate supply gaps which in turn creates real opportunities for sellers as demand rises.


So when you need to sell and for a premium, talk to any of our consultants to learn how we sell so many properties for the very best price the market will pay.


Time for you to take advantage of our expertise. Call today.


EVES, more people selling more property.

The Lights Are On

Posted: February 23rd, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

It’s a sight to behold when there is a full ground at a sports event. Thousands of passionate folk cheering in support of their local team. On Wednesday at the Bay Oval we will witness this when our mighty Black Caps take on England in the second of five ODI matches this summer.


Our company is proud to be closely involved and associated with the Bay Oval, but we’re even more proud of our eight offices across our region with over 200 dedicated salespeople, experienced property managers, efficient administrators and a passionate auctioneering team all supported by world class IT, marketing, finance, HR and sponsorship teams.


Just like any great team, EVES relies on many individuals working together to assist you to maximising the value of your real estate asset. A considered team approach is needed with a plan to ensure all possible buyers are made aware of your property being available for purchase.


If you are considering selling your home and would like the ultimate team experience, call one of our EVES salespeople today. 


EVES, more people selling more property.    

Do The Numbers Count?

Posted: February 16th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

The latest QV House Price Index, released last week, shows the residential property values for January increased 6.4% across New Zealand over the last year and the nationwide average value now sits at $671,531.


This same report also stated that values in the Auckland region only rose 0.7% over the same time period and the biggest increases across New Zealand were seen in some of the smaller cities with Napier increasing 15.4% and Nelson 9.9%.


In our local market we experienced a 3.9% increase year on year for an average sale value of $698,875 and interestingly a 1.7% lift over the last three months! Across the Western Bay of Plenty a strong 7.3% growth was attributed to the recovery of the Kiwifruit market.


What do these numbers mean to us? Certainly the market activity is not what it was 18 months ago as we are back to a ‘normal market’ and when you couple the good numbers through open homes and the auction results YTD, a nice picture forms of a steady market.


Your EVES salesperson will provide you relevant data about real estate in your local patch. Give them a call today.


EVES, more people selling more property in 2018.

Regional Confidence in Housing Market

Posted: February 9th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

What a fascinating property market we saw in January here in the very hot and sunny Bay. It hasn’t just been temperature records that have been broken, we continued to see the confidence in our region and housing market grow with asking prices up 1.6 percent to reach an average sale price of just over $637,000.


The latest Realestate.co.nz stats showed January looking a little quieter compared to January 2017 with 466 new homes coming onto the market, a 12.6 percent drop. This isn’t unexpected as we’re comparing to a local property market that has been incredibly active in the last few years.


Interestingly the media around the Bay of Plenty being ‘unaffordable’ doesn’t seem to have dampened online interest, with the majority of viewers coming from Auckland, closely followed by Bay of Plenty locals and Wellington in third place. This is a good reminder to make sure property marketing campaigns are national, not just local.


If we can assist in anyway then call your local EVES agent.


EVES, more people selling more property in 2018.


It's Heating Up

Posted: February 2nd, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

We certainly have been enjoying some amazing weather during the last weeks of January and it’s great to see this having a positive effect on people’s outlook.


We have also seen a nice lift in the local real estate market with good activity levels at open homes and renewed interest from first home buyers and investors.


The Auction rooms were open for the first time last week and we witnessed initial caution in the first session followed by a greater than 80% success rate in session two.


So 2018 is off to a steady start here at EVES and if we can assist you with any real estate matter, be it wanting to sell or buy, have your investment property managed or just a chat about the market and outlook for 2018, call into one of our offices across town.


EVES, more people selling more property.

There’s a Lot Happening at Our Place

Posted: January 26th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

This past week we have welcomed over 360 players to the annual EVES 5 Course Classic Golf Tournament, 5 great courses over 5 days.


With players (and supporters) from throughout New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the UK, Japan, Taiwan and Malaysia it has been an ideal opportunity to showcase not only Te Puke, Omanu, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga and Omokoroa golf courses but also the diverse range of restaurants, cafes and retail outlets. The tournament has run for over 20 years and there is a high percentage who return each year.


We also took the time to reflect on the many other wonderful events over the past fortnight and to name but a few, The ICC Under19 Cricket World Cup at our fabulous Bay Oval, Four Nations International Hockey featuring a four day test series between, NZ, Japan, Belgium and India. The iconic Port of Tauranga Half Ironman and the Tauranga Air Show. There was also a plethora of theatrical entertainment from Shakespeare to Pantomime, art exhibitions and Night Owl Cinema. Wow!


If you are a visitor and contemplating a move to our vibrant city then be sure to contact one of our EVES offices and talk with one of our experienced salespeople.

Full Steam Ahead for 2018

Posted: January 19th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

Coming back to those first few days in the office is never easy, but it is a little easier when you’ve been able to enjoy some summer sunshine, the beach, a few barbecues with the family and even an ice cream or two. It’s been fantastic to see some refreshed (and slightly browner) looking faces returning around our offices this week.


As I touched on in my two previous comments, the sense I get about 2018 in our region is a very positive one. Our property market continues to have buoyancy with plenty of visitor interest and sales activity during the holiday period. According to Trade Me’s December data the average asking price for the Bay of Plenty is up 7.6% year on year and views on property listings nationally are up 18.5%.


When you combine this continued strength with exciting projects and international events happening in our region in 2018, it’s easy to get excited about the year ahead.


It’s certainly full steam ahead at EVES, so to keep up to date with what’s happening in our ever changing market, follow our blog, Facebook page or get in touch with one of our EVES team.


EVES, more people selling more property in 2018.

It's a New Year

Posted: January 12th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

By now most of us have been back at work after what I hope was a relaxing break for everyone. Across our region we have enjoyed a great number of experiences to entertain us over the festive season from international cricket and concerts to our beaches, rivers and lakes. We are indeed lucky and the area continues to develop and offer more and more for us to enjoy.


On the property front we see 2018 being similar to last year with strong demand in our region and activity right across the buying range, in particular first home buyers re-entering the market, with investor activity flat lining. Our lower interest rate environment will continue to support home buyers’ investment decisions.


In this week’s EVES Property there are plenty of good investment opportunities to start the year with. If any of the homes featured within the following pages attract your interest or attention, feel free to contact our on-call team of property specialists who can assist in answering your query.


EVES, more people selling more summer property.

A New Beginning

Posted: January 5th, 2018 / By Simon Anderson

2018 has arrived and with this comes new opportunities. If your New Year’s resolution involved a property investment then you will enjoy this bumper edition of ‘EVES Property’.


Right across Tauranga and the Mount at this time we welcome visitors from around
New Zealand (and the world) to our beautiful city. Many, like you, will enjoy their time here so much they will want to plan for a return. Why not talk to one of our EVES agents today with regard to the property market here. You never know your luck!


Our market continues to grow and the region benefits hugely by attracting new businesses, new families and great opportunities. All the ingredients are there for an exciting and prosperous 2018 for our region. As a proudly locally owned and operated business we are looking forward to continuing to help locals get great property results.


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our readers a safe and prosperous year ahead. May your property dreams come true.


EVES, more people selling more property.

'Tis the Season

Posted: December 22nd, 2017 / By Simon Anderson

It has been an interesting year for the New Zealand property market. It’s been a mixed bag, with the flattening out of a boom market and some uncertainty of an unusual election. But once spring finally announced its presence in November things have taken off, with a real boost to the property market, with a return of optimism and confidence.


REINZ figures released last week illustrated this with the number of properties sold across New Zealand increasing by close to 18%, the largest increase from October to November in six years. Over that same timeframe our region saw an increase in the median house price by 10% to $649,000.


At EVES, November saw a good number of listings coming to the market with many great success stories and as we head to the end of the year, this month has seen much of the same. We’re so glad to have seen so many happy sellers and buyers end the year on such a high. 


At this time of the year we would like to wish you all a very safe and happy Christmas. Thank you for your business over the last 12 months and I hope you can enjoy some quality time with family and friends.


We remain ‘open for business’ over the festive season so if we can help with your next property transaction give your local EVES salespersons a call and they will be happy to help you out.


Merry Christmas.


A Week Can be a Long Time

Posted: December 15th, 2017 / By Simon Anderson

It’s that most special time of the year, a time of rest, family and laughter. It feels much needed after another most busy, growth filled and exciting 12 months in our wonderful city. It’s great to know many businesses who are part of this growth start slowing down for a well deserved break.


At EVES we understand that next week acts as a deadline for many home owners to ‘get it done before Christmas’ so we are here and ready to help.


You may like to get your home on the market so you can make the most of the summer visitors, or you may even look to secure that dream home in time to enjoy the warmer weather in. This is something we experience every year with many transactions happening in the week leading up to Christmas.


At EVES it’s business as usual so give your favourite EVES salesperson a call and finish the year in style.


EVES, more people selling more summer property.

The News Is Positive

Posted: December 8th, 2017 / By Simon Anderson

The real estate market in the Bay shows plenty of positive signs as we head toward Christmas. The latest NZ Property report released by realestate.co.nz indicates that while there may not be the same heat as was felt earlier in the year, the market is more stable. That’s good news for purchasers and sellers.


The report went on to show that property on the market had increased by a healthy 1.8%, with 890 properties for sale across the Bay of Plenty at the time of the report’s release on the 30th November.


Further good news is the careful relaxing of the LVR by the Reserve Bank for both first home buyers and investors which could allow both groups more room to move while continuing to promote overall stability.  



This news along with our own very strong sales results shows that our wide range of product offerings and sound understanding of market conditions is continuing to work in favour of our customers. We welcome every opportunity to help you achieve the goals that are important to you – whether you’re looking to sell or purchase property.


EVES, more people selling more property.

Graduation Celebration

Posted: December 1st, 2017 / By Simon Anderson

At EVES we understand the importance of helping our salespeople be the very best they can be. To make this real we have a large support team that includes their manager, the auction team, marketing and social media division, IT training, administration and accounting teams and events and sponsorship. Add to that the very best training and business development coaching to enable our people to deliver to you quality advice and the smartest products and services available.


As part of this last week I was very proud to see 49 of our salespeople graduate from our ‘Faststart’ business roll out programme and/or our ‘Level 1’ and ‘Level 2’ Accelerator programmes which represented almost two years of rigorous study.


These programmes are a high quality series of programmes for those salespeople who are driven to succeed and add value to their customer’s real estate assets. This is a crucial part of their personal and professional development.


This focus on building expertise and a ‘do the right thing’ attitude, through hard work and the best resources, is probably one of the reasons why our people do so well so quickly. It also could be why so many of their customers return or refer others to them.


Well done to you all. 

More to Consider

Posted: November 24th, 2017 / By Simon Anderson

As stated in the recently released REINZ monthly statistics for October the number of completed sales in our region was 8% back on the same month last year and the median price is flat on the same period.


The good news is that after a very wet spring (and a drawn out election process) we are seeing a good number of new listings coming to the market and auction clearance rates improving.


What does this mean to you when looking to sell? Your home will now be in the market with more property than before so it needs to stand out and catch the eye of the buyer group. This comes down to two things.


The first is the preparation and presentation of your home so your home is not discounted from a buyer’s list based on their first look. Some key ‘old school’ pre-sale house preparation is required prior to even considering placing your home on the market.


The second is the agent you choose and how they will ‘sell’ your home to their wider sales team and how they intend to showcase your home to the market.


The best advice is to talk to one of our EVES salespeople so you understand how to make you home stand out in the market and attract the very best buyers.   


EVES, more people selling more property.


Our Community Heroes

Posted: November 17th, 2017 / By Simon Anderson

Supporting our community is a very important part of our business. One of our favourite times of the year is the annual presentation to the Trustpower/TECT Rescue Helicopter.


Every member of the EVES team – that’s salespeople, marketing, finance, administrators and personal assistants - has the opportunity to contribute on a regular basis through their pay and then the company rounds this into a sizeable cheque.


Those that can, head out to the Ian Pain Memorial Hangar to enjoy a morning tea with Pilot Manager Liam Brettkelly and this year we were joined by Leigh Sefton who has joined the helicopter full time having previously been a volunteer and of course, is well known throughout the community for his work around surf lifesaving.


The cost of operating our local rescue helicopter is huge and without community support would not be able to remain operational on a 24/7, 365 day basis. You don’t have to go far to hear a story about how the helicopter has saved the life of someone close to them. Our community is very fortunate to have the major support of Trustpower and TECT and we are proud to see our EVES name alongside the other like-minded businesses who also contribute. 

Win Some, Lose Some

Posted: November 10th, 2017 / By Simon Anderson

Interesting to read some recent data showing our net migration figure has eased from previous record highs as we experience a reduction in the number of arrivals. Also of note is the trend of a return from Australia has decreased as their economy improves.


As mentioned in my previous article, we have witnessed no impact of this on our market in this area. Actually, we have seen a real lift in the last two weeks as we are currently experiencing very good numbers of buyers visiting our open homes, positive results in our auction room and a good selection of new property coming to the market heading into the last seven weeks of the year.


Over the next five weeks the EVES sales team will present some 100 properties to the market via the auction method of sale where buyers will have a wonderful opportunity to secure their dream home. Our sales team at EVES has the skills and experience to guide you through this process so you can have confidence in your decision making.


Be bold, we are all set to go.


EVES, more people selling more property.

We Just Do It

Posted: November 3rd, 2017 / By Simon Anderson

Commentators around the country are busy predicting all sorts of outcomes based on what our new government might do.


At EVES we are busy helping our vendors achieve their next goal in life by maximising the sale price of their homes. We know the market is the market and it’s what we do for our vendors in this market that really counts.


With great results over the last few weeks and a full schedule in our auction room over November, supported by this impressive publication and numerous open homes, you can be assured that with EVES your property will be showcased to every possible buyer.


There is still time to act before Christmas so if you are considering selling, or maybe looking for your next move, call an EVES salesperson today.


EVES, more people selling more property.

The Time is Now

Posted: October 26th, 2017 / By Simon Anderson